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Mystery Gamefreak Title Confirmed to be Long Awaited POKKÉN TOURNAMENT

The teaser we caught ages ago turned out to be a real thing and not just some fantasy cooked up in a gamer’s head like Mega Man Universe.

The game will be a delicious blend of Tekken style fighting with a cast of your favorite Pokemon. Will they all be fighting types? Who knows. Machamp and Lucario are, but I just don’t see any Pokemon game releasing without series mascot Pikachu.

The game will be coming to Japanese arcades in 2015. No news on if we’ll be getting them in arcades stateside. Outside of movie theatres, the arcade is pretty much dead in the US. If we do see this (and I’m positive we will) in the west, it will likely find home on the Wii U.

Get your fightsticks ready. Check out the reveal trailer here. [❤]

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can we start a club for teenagers who were constantly complimented on their intelligence when they were younger and are now having trouble coping with the realization that they’re actually of average intellect at best

can this club have a support person that helps us to study because we didn’t need to before so we don’t know how to now 


A black boy gets murdered and his community stands up for him and are attacked by police for over 2 months and are deemed animals and violent rioters

white people set cars on fire over some damn pumpkins and get called “rowdy” aint that some shit


as far as comments on calliborns page goes we’ve got the people who cant believe it


the chick who wont shut up about caliborn being her boyfriend


these people


the fanart


the people calling caliborn their lord


and the people who dont know whats going on



every autumn, tens of millions of monarch butterflies travel to their ancestral winter roosts in mexico’s mountain fir forests, coating the trunks of the trees in the orange of their wings, and causing the branches to droop under their collective weight.

surfing winds from southern canada and the northern united states, and taking directional cues from the sun and magnetic poles, they travel 4,500 kilometres over two months to reach their hibernation grounds — a feat that still remains a bit of a mystery, but which has been going on for millions of years. 

interestingly, the autumn migration south is accomplished in one generation, which lives for about seven months, while the spring migration north is done over three generations, each living about six weeks.

last year’s migration, however, was the lowest on record, as excessive herbicide usage has reduced the supply of the milkweed plant which the monarch larvae rely on to feed, and which makes the monarch caterpillars toxic to predators. but the plant is now being destroyed from heavy use of roundup ready pesticides used in soy and corn crop production. 

further complicating matters for the monarch is climate change, as drought along their migratory route has exacerbated milkweed decline, and colder spring temperatures has meant the temperature-sensitive cold-blooded butterflies are unable to begin their journey north.

and once they reach their hibernation sites in mexico, the butterflies, which rely on a thick forest canopy for protection from the cold and rain, encounter deteriorating forests from illegal logging.

experts, however, are hopeful that this year’s migration will double or triple, thanks in large part to the conservation efforts of the mexican government. nevertheless, this increase would still put monarch numbers at one tenth of their record high of one billion.

photos by (click pic) joel sartore, paul bettings, lincoln brower, thomas d mengelsen, and ingo arndt